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Kind notes from our customers:

Monika B.

That moment when you’re on deadline and your laptop dies…don’t panic, call Mitch!

Mitch, the most customer centered professional I’ve met in a while, immediately diagnosed the problem. The video card, he informed me, is covered under a recall. He explained the scenarios, what the Apple store would test, and how each would unfold, and estimated costs. They’d send the laptop out for repair, so he made me a great offer on a rental. I accepted. He then moved my hard drive into the rental. I was able to work while I waited for my appointment at the Apple store.

Chris S.

Dear Mitch, I really appreciate what you did over a weekend when you were trying to get to NJ to your father’s 75th birthday celebration!

Dealing with my mother-in-law’s death and funeral plans, freelance work with very tight deadlines for today and the rest of the month, and my S-corp filings and taxes - losing my laptop and all the related materials would have been a disaster and taken so much to recover from at a very challenging time.

You saved me from a lot of headaches, pain and lost work by getting the restoration of the date done so quickly and loading it onto the refurbished laptop. You helped me out tremendously and I want to thank you for that. Everything seems to be working fine.

Mary G.

THANK YOU! and great to meet you. I will stay in touch with ALL my Apple needs. All the best, Mary

Averil K.

Dear Mitch, I cannot thank you enough for your help with getting my computer to work again. Your kind, gracious manner and generosity are rare qualities in today’s world. I am making a blow-up of your card and will post it on our co-op bulletin board. I will also spread the word to my many friends outside the building. Thank you again.

Mac T.

…for your good and professional service on my Apple macbook unit and for replacing the two keyboard keys that were missing. It is unbelievable to me that Apple could not (refused) to do the servicing but on the other hand, they provided me with your contact. The memory upgrade is making my old unit run 50% faster than it used to be.

John E.

Hi Mitch, Just a note to thank you again for fixing all the problems my computer had, and others that you discovered! I really appreciate your tremendous help on this. You may be a fantastic Apple technician, but you are also a great human being. You are a true mensch!

Sarah T.

Mitch was great to work with. He got the data off of old unusable laptops and two old external hard drives I had and made sure everything got transferred to my new computer and backed up. He did a free consultation and estimate and answered all my questions. He finished everything sooner than I expected and recycled my old computers for me. Mitch also gave me advice on updating my advices. I highly recommend him!

Matthew R.

Wow, Mitch Galen is awesome! Highly recommend his services for Mac repairs, etc. I came in with a CD ejection issue and Mitch was able to easily diagnose and fix. He cleaned the inside of my 2012 MacBook Pro computer, outside and replaced missing screws I had. Excellent experience, he’s very friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely going to be using him again for future repairs or when I need to purchase another MacBook. Thanks again Mitch!

Kira J

I was referred to Mitch/Macs On Demand by a former employer a few years ago. I needed basic Mac help with an older laptop. He not only goes above and beyond to help with the issue you came to him with, but he makes suggestions that make sense for the future. Subsequently, I have relied on him when I needed support buying a new MacBook! He not only explained the why’s and why not’s but twas there to help me set it all up, load whatever was needed on and on and on! I recommend Mitch for ANYTHING Mac/Apple related. You have nothing to worry about when he works with you!

John W.

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your work to get me going again after my 2007 Mac Pro died. You managed to recover the data from my boot drive, which was a huge time saver. I did not have to reload one single application and my e-mail is all intact.

You also counseled me on my best option for a replacement computer, despite the fact that you do not sell that model. I am back up and running now, thanks to your good work and wise consultations. I can’t imagine that I would have received such wide-ranging expertise at the Apple store. Thank you very much.

John C.

Mitch Galen is the best. I’ve been going to him for years with all my Mac needs, and for those of my organization, and he has been invaluable, fixing issues with iMacs, laptops and Mac minis in an incredibly timely way. Much better way to go than scheduling and waiting for a ‘Genius Bar’ appointment. His attention to you and your individual needs is awesome and he offers great balanced solutions that can save a lot of money. And he’s a great guy. I recommend him highly.

Deborah Z.

Macs on Demand offers the best service in Bethesda, period. (If you got service like this in a restaurant, you’d leave a huge tip and want to invest in the place.) If anything goes wrong with your MacBook, iPad, iPhone or any other Apple device, Mitch at Macs on Demand is the man to call. It’s a home business, so call first and make an appointment. Both times I’ve used him, he’s been able to schedule something the same day and fix the problem either while I waited or within hours. Friendly, easygoing, good listener - just the guy you want when you are panicking that your hard drive has melted down. Even if it has, if anyone on Earth can bring it back, it’s Mitch.

Alexandra Z.

So, I learned some stuff during my 18 hour forced separation from my beloved laptop. I learned that I totally suck at unplugging. I might have been a little bit like a crack addict - sneaking time on Craig’s laptop, using my phone till the battery ran down and then huddling up in a corner of my room to continue sending emails while it was plugged into the wall, texting when I couldn’t email. I’m afraid I might have been irritable and unpleasant, as well. It wasn’t my finest moment.

The other far more important thing I learned is that if you are in the nearby DC metro area and you have a problem with your Mac, don’t spend an hour and a half on the phone with technicians in the Philippines and India (that happened) and don’t try for a Genius Bar Appt because the first available one will be seven days from now in Clarendon, VA, and it will take you several hours to get there because you have to build in the requisite time to get lost and pull over into a Starbucks so you can call a friend and cry. Just call Mitch at Macs on Demand and your problems will be over. He took my utterly tragic, dirty, banged up, virus ridden Macbook Air with no remaining disc space into his car yesterday and this morning I got it back with a new hard drive installed (with 120 GB more storage than I had yesterday), virus and malware free (and installed with something that permanently checks and fixes future problems), and new Microsoft for Mac applications installed and ready to go. My previously inaccessible mail, contacts, and calendar (e.g. oxygen) are restored and in perfect working order. Also, the keyboard and screen are sparkling clean and you totally cannot tell just by looking at them that I’m a coffee drinker. This is the guy. Nicest, most helpful, accommodating, polite, and totally reasonable fees. He also has a dog named Roxy.